“In these strange and challenging times, we’re all wondering how we can help our clients and colleagues. I trust this podcast, EMI’s first, which has turned out to be such a timely topic, will provide some thoughtful ideas on how to better prepare your self, friends, and organizations for greater efficiencies in the way we are working.” – Debbie King, CEO of EMI

Janie Durham, Training and Development Consultant

In our first podcast, Danielle Bragg (EMI’s Consulting Analyst) interviews Janie Durham on virtual work and the ways that businesses can successfully transition to a virtual work environment.

Janie Durham is a Training and Development Consultant who is passionate about the virtual work environment. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and has studied the concept of virtual work as it relates to teams, leadership, and organizational change. Janie has written a white paper titled “Organizational Change in a Virtual World,” which reframes Kotter’s 8-Step Change Process. (If you would like a copy of this white paper, please email info@evolutionmgt.com.) She has also co-written a white paper related to recruiting and selecting virtual workers.


Check out the whiteboard below to hear Janie’s answers to 4 pressing questions on virtual work:

  • Why is this subject important to leaders?
  • What are 3 things leaders can do right now to improve virtual team performance?
  • How can leaders select the best virtual hires?
  • How can leaders keep their virtual teams engaged?

This podcast was hosted by Danielle Bragg, MSIO, the Consulting Analyst for Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI). To learn more about Danielle, check out our team page: https://evolutionmgt.com/our-team/. You can connect with Janie Durham on her LinkedIn page.

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