For some, the concept of unplugging can be very scary. What will happen if they are not continually in a 24/7 loop of availability and information? Scientific research shows that being addicted to technology can affect our brain and cognitive health. The more we use technology, the more neurological changes take place in the brain. So why not consider giving your brain a vacation as well?

It probably isn’t realistic to travel without some type of technology, you might need a phone or computer while away to take care of an emergency. Why not use your vacation as a time to practice unplugging? The process is easy:

  • Make a commitment to yourself, friends, or family not to bring out your phone or computer. Depending on how bold you are, you might specify a time of day that is technology-free, or maybe declare the entire vacation unplugged!
  • Ask for their support to hold you accountable for that goal.
  • Raise your awareness of how you are feeling being unplugged, perhaps journaling a few words about the experience each day.
  • Enjoy the benefits of relaxation and recharging.
  • Consider designing a plan for intentional unplugging when you return from your vacation.

Researchers have documented the benefits of taking a break from technology to include:

  • Increased productivity – improving focus and raising situational awareness
  • Better quality sleep – revisit our May newsletter for articles about the importance of sleep
  • Improved Interpersonal communications – focus on composing thoughts, body language, tone, and other elements that help us connect with others

What will you add to this list? Stay well, and best wishes for an enjoyable summer!