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I Want That Job – Hardcopy Workbook

    ARE YOU . . . Looking for a new job? Interested in a job promotion? Looking for a resource to provide employees being separated from their jobs with a step-by-step process to re-employment? “I Want That Job”  provides help with job search strategy development, easy resume preparation, networking skill development, behavioral interviewing skill development, techniques for negotiating a job offer, and tips for safely utilizing social media options.

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New Leader Coaching

Work with a coach to developing leadership skills, assess style preference and the challenges of your new leadership role.

Executive Coaching

Managers with 6-10 years of advanced leadership can get help with challenges such as supervising geographically dispersed teams and multi-generational issues.

Senior Exec Coaching

For senior executives dealing with leadership skills required for issues such as: senior team development, organizational assessments and restructuring, and strategic challenges.