Our Story & Evolution | EMI

Who Is EMI


EMI’s mission is to guide the creation and implementation of Human and Organization Development strategies that transform organizational effectiveness. We facilitate a collaborative environment for the design and implementation of organizational change, supporting evolving practices that empower a thriving and sustainable culture.

EMI is guided by a set of core values that provide the framework for our engagements.

Leadership – Practice what we preach.
Honesty – It’s the best policy.
Integrity – Be true to what you say.
Quality – Meet client requirements and then put another set of eyes and ears on deliverables.
Focus – We can’t be all things to everyone.
Respect – Embrace unique talents and honor diverse work and life styles.
Fun – Don’t take ourselves too seriously. We can have fun while doing our best.

EMI works with clients through the phases of change to deliver collaborative and quality consulting services, on time, and within budget for sustainable improvements.

Not everyone gets an opportunity to focus on what they most enjoy – to have a job that doesn’t feel like a job. 1994 was the year; and it was the start of something fun, exciting and rewarding. That year, I launched my consulting business – Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI).

Over the years EMI has “evolved” from my initial sole practitioner focus to a full-service management consultancy supporting private sector and federal government organization effectiveness needs. Throughout the journey we have consistently remained true to our passion to align people, processes and strategic goals. EMI has built a solid reputation for delivering solutions that improve performance related to, and entwined among, the disciplines of Human Resource Management, Organization Development, and Training and Development. Our solutions provide benefits through:

  • organization assessments and analysis for clear information,
  • strategic plans addressing goals and metrics, workforce development, succession planning and communications,
  • greater employee engagement,
  • successful change management planning and implementation,
  • streamlined and documented processes, and
  • workforce resources skilled for the future.

We’ve grown to a team of highly energized, innovative, and experienced professionals equipped to assist with all major facets of organizational change – at the individual, team and enterprise levels. Still based in Atlanta, GA, EMI has a robust roster of talented individuals operating here, in the Washington, DC area, as well as across the nation.

As a result of the collaborative relationship we develop with our clients, and the outstanding job we do delivering what we say we will do, we have consistently, for over two decades, had the pleasure of clients calling on us for follow-on engagements, as well as new projects.

Accompanying us over the past 20 years has been the expanded sophistication of stakeholders and customers expecting our clients to keep up with changing times. EMI understands the importance of viewing organizational complexities required to plan for and implement continuous growth and development through a holistic lens. We approach each client with a sense of curiosity of their unique culture, practices and needs, together with a commitment to bring best practices and methodologies for planning for and managing those changes impacting people, data, operations and culture. We know the keys to success are:

  • be proactive,
  • engage employees,
  • provide clear communications, and
  • involve employees and stakeholders in planning for the future.

We look forward to working with you as we continue our story.

—Debbie King