Our Approach

Our strategic and holistic approach follows a systems consulting model and begins by understanding each client’s vision of the future and current operating culture and practices. We collaborate with our clients to establish a project plan from the outset that includes a clear scope of work, communications plan, milestones, appropriate budget and quality reviews. We stay true to our goal-driven, not tool-driven values.

EMI’s team of professionals work in a flexible and creative manner to identify ways to improve efficiencies, performance results, and culture while reducing costs and supporting change initiatives.

Our Steps:

1. Assess Current Situation

2. Plan for Change

3. Develop and Implement

4. Evaluate Effectiveness

5. Modify as Appropriate

EMI Framework for Excellence

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EMI Framework for Excellence

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In Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Training and Leadership Development, and Project Staffing Support, we follow the same proven and flexible process for our work with you, completing the following steps:


Working closely with organizational leaders and stakeholders, EMI consultants quickly assess and understand the uniqueness of the organization’s culture, history with change, strategic goals, where the enterprise is, and where it wants to go. In partnership with our clients, we design project plans with end goals and measurements for success in mind, and utilize them to guide the journey.


Through collaboration with our clients, and assessment of their situation, EMI identifies the gaps between the organization’s current state and its future goals. After developing recommendations to close those gaps, we create Roadmaps and Plans for change, facilitating initial implementation of the required actions and interventions. EMI works with our clients to construct and disseminate the right communications, messaging and recognition of individuals who are taking change to heart and trying new approaches in order to move the organization forward.


As change begins, it’s critical for leaders to remain vigilant in their drive for leadership development and change sustainability. EMI consultants assist with the acknowledgement of successful results, as well as with those efforts that might fall short of the goal. We guide modifications that address anticipated, as well as unanticipated, consequences. This is a tremendous “real time” learning experience for leadership development. The consulting team peels back another layer of understanding of the organization’s culture, providing opportunities for the group to cement its most optimum and desired results.


Change work is time consuming and at times painful; but the rewards are worth it. Once on a solid path, EMI consultants assist company leaders in the techniques and methodologies for sustaining a culture motivated by continuous learning and development. In this stage, we aid the organization in refining long-term goals and performance metrics to monitor and track the impact of change initiatives on desired outcomes.

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