When talking with our staff, clients, and family and friends, the desire to physically re-connect is high on everyone’s minds. Summer should provide plenty of great opportunities to connect. Among those plans don’t forget to create time for self-care – taking time off to be with family and friends is great, but what about some time for relaxing, reading, self-reflection, painting, writing, walking, or just giving yourself a break?

What’s on your “opening up” bucket list? Lists that once were filled with world travels and adrenaline-producing activities now seem so much simpler.

Here’s mine:

  • Morning walks at the river,
  • Organizing my photos into themed books,
  • Visits to Seattle, Tampa, and Bethlehem to catch up with family,
  • Taking my paints on a nature walk, and stopping to sketch and color, and
  • Planning some fall camping trips. Got to get those reservations in early!

It doesn’t sound like people are throwing caution to the wind, and I’m not either. We all still need to be careful, yet simple plans speak to our yearning to be with missed loved ones and have a slice of normalcy. Summer self-care fits nicely into those plans. We all need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As I think about what people may say in an essay on what I did this summer, it will include stories about how the longing in their heart was healed, the uncertainty in their brain took a holiday, and how their souls sang a new song. Sounds like A+ essays to me. Happy Summer!


This post was written by Debbie King, CEO and Founder of Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI). To learn more about Debbie, check out our team page: https://evolutionmgt.com/our-team/.