What a delicious quote to describe July. As I’m writing this article, here in Atlanta the temperature has been rising, along with the humidity. But it’s not just here. I recently took a trip to Denver where the thermometer registered 100°! We don’t need a calendar to tell us Spring has slipped away. We feel the transition of the seasons – It’s summer!

This year, summer is being experienced with a greater freedom than last year, as a result of the vaccine providing opportunities to be out and about – of course continuing to be mindful to be safe and healthy. So many people are traveling and breaking the work and living routines they have developed for staying close to home. I’m even getting into the act, embracing camping, RV trips, and back-to-nature experiences. There’s something magical about taking it a little easier during the summer. Slowing the treadmill speed to enjoy a good summer novel, trying a new recipe on the grill, or just sitting, mesmerized by the ocean.

Summer gives each of us permission to slow down, and yes, even to be lazy. Webster defines laziness as the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy. For Type A’s like me, that idea can conjure up feelings of guilt and selfishness – not being productive with all our waking hours. Yes, it may be selfish; and yet, we still need to get beyond the word, to embrace and refresh with the wellness the permission provides. As reflected by author Sam Keen’s quote, it’s very respectable during the summer months — when the sun’s warmth calls us to slow down, take a nap, watch a butterfly, or enjoy the peace rest can bring — that some recognition of laziness is expected and admired.

And for those that still might need to do a little something productive while relaxing, here’s a suggestion. How about planning a fun trip to a National Park during August to take advantage of the free admission days? All National Parks will be free on two days in August – August 4th, the anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act, and August 25th, the 105th National Park Service Anniversary. Check out the National Park Service website to find a park and plan your trip.

What can be better than relaxing and being lazy with Mother Nature!


This post was written by Debbie King, CEO and Founder of Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI). To learn more about Debbie, check out our team page: https://evolutionmgt.com/our-team/.