7 Organizational Planning Tips for 2022

Great Read: If you’re looking for a way to expand your adaptability, intelligence, and ability to be creative and solve problems, don’t overlook a quick read offered by Dr. Stuart Brown, PLAY – How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. This is an easy-to-read, fascinating blend of cutting-edge neuroscience, biology, psychology, and social science, along with inspiring human stories of the transformative power of play! Dr. Brown will help you get ready for thinking about the future and my suggested next steps.

Preparation: Create a space for yourself, away from your phone, email, and interruptions; a perfect place for play and reflection. Perhaps your spot will be at a picnic table along the river watching the ducks, a fun few hours in the garden, or a weekend get-away B&B; a place where every day work will not be smacking you in the face every few minutes.

Questions to Ponder:

  • What did we accomplish this year? Perhaps it was a planned goal, or maybe an opportunity that just fell out of the sky.
  • Where did we struggle this year? Reflect on the situation and what you perceive as the root of the issue(s); look beyond the obvious.
  • How am I, and the individuals on my team, doing? What can I do to continue to support them? Consider the influence of situations such as: ongoing COVID stress, social and political noise, pivoting challenges of transitioning from remote work back to some hybrid office arrangement, team connections, and the impact any of these have had on the organizational culture.
  • What are the major challenges you anticipate you and your team will come face-to-face with in 2022?

Do the Numbers: Of course, we can’t be focused on business planning without also analyzing the numbers. Where are you at this point compared to where you wanted to be? What helped you hit your targets, as well as what didn’t work out exactly as you had planned? What are your “feel’s right” numbers for 2022?

Time for Creativity: Now let both sides of your brain get into the act. Take out your colored pencils and blank paper: anticipating the next 12 months, draw the organizational structure and talent pool your mind’s eye sees as necessary. Craft the words and phrases that come to your mind about future success and challenges. Don’t limit your options and avoid judging them as you draw, just let the ideas flow. After your options are noted, consider each one with questions such as: What of each option do you currently have, and what needs to be acquired? How can your team help to prepare for what needs to be acquired?

Lessons Learned: Now that you’ve had a chance to immerse yourself in a reflective and creative mode, what are the lessons you can take away from 2021 to create an even better 2022? Again, journal your thoughts as pictures and/or words.

Time to Meet with the Team: Completing this type of reflective process, you are now ready to:

  • Introduce play ideas to your team as they prepare for the annual meeting to discuss the strengths, areas of improvement, and growth the organization should focus on.
  • Design an engaging and efficient planning meeting; determine if an internal or external facilitator will best help you achieve a productive and fun event.
  • Be open to share, discuss, and explore the thoughts of team members, as well as what you imagined in your creative space.
  • Build on the collective results of your discussions, with SMART goals and assigned accountabilities.

Happy Planning! Take the time now to prepare. If you decide you’d like some outside assistance with the process, please don’t hesitate to call for our support – 770.587.9032 / www.evolutionmgt.com.


This post was written by Debbie King, CEO and Founder of Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI). To learn more about Debbie, check out our team page: https://evolutionmgt.com/our-team/.