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Monster ChallengeWe love our work, and we really enjoy having fun with it.   So we decided to create a “fun” place to identify organizational challenges – lovingly referred to as “monsters,” along with some tips for how to tame those creatures.  Monsters have a way of sabotaging successful change efforts, eroding a workplace culture of respect, negatively impacting morale and performance…You know, those situations that just take the fun out of being part of the team.

Each quarter we’ll highlight a “monster” challenge.  If you’ve got a “monster” at your place of work, send us an email with a brief description of the challenge and the havoc it is creating. If we select your “monster”  to respond to, you’ll not only receive some free advice for addressing the situation, but also a fun coloring book to help you relieve the stress this bad guy is causing.  Submit your monster challenge to  See below for the latest Monsters.


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March Monster – Team Madness

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