Cathryn Marshall, Health & Wellness Expert

In EMI’s second podcast, Danielle Bragg (EMI’s Consulting Analyst) interviews Cathryn Marshall on the ways that individuals and leaders can build and maintain their wellness to hone a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Cathryn Marshall is a fitness and nutrition professional, educator, speaker, and entrepreneur. She holds a Master’s in Social Work and has spent 25 years in the fitness industry, helping personal trainers and clients to be successful and healthy in every area of life. Currently, Cathryn is the author of a best-selling book (“Simple Fat Burn: Three Steps to Becoming Fit & Lean”), the CEO of Virtual Wealth Online, and the National Director of What Women Want Networking.

Check out the whiteboard below to hear Cathryn’s answers to 5 questions related to a healthy lifestyle:

This podcast was hosted by Danielle Bragg, MSIO, the Consulting Analyst for Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI). To learn more about Danielle, check out our team page: You can connect with Cathryn Marshall on her LinkedIn page, through email, or by phone at 404.819.8445.

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