We are pleased to announce that Danielle has been promoted to a Consulting Analyst II position. As a passionate member of the EMI team, she also leads recruiting and project staffing efforts, reviews, edits, and analyzes client deliverable documents and designs, and implements EMI’s social media campaigns. Danielle consistently volunteers for new assignments, maintaining a growth mindset.

Her most recent assignment finds her collaborating with and supporting EMI’s FEMA training team on the development of four new skillset trainings. It’s been a busy two years. Through it all, Danielle has demonstrated a consistently positive, up-beat, and kind attitude, contributing to the high-quality products and solutions EMI is known for. Thank you, Danielle, and congratulations!!!


Danielle’s promotion offers an opportunity to share some career advice about moving ahead with one’s career. Here are 3 tips to build your career advancement success.

  1. Adopt a Growth MindsetPeople with a “growth mindset,” thrive on challenge and see failure as an opportunity to stretch their existing abilities. They also: seek opportunities, such as volunteer project roles, to support learning; persist in the face of setbacks; see effort as necessary for mastery; learn from feedback; and observe others—as models and mentors—in their growth.
  2. Don’t Wait to be Asked – Careers are built on a portfolio of experiences. Working for a small firm requires patience (promotions may not be as fast or frequent as larger firms), and at the same time offers the opportunity to wear many hats, learning a lot about multiple functions rather than just one. Those who seem to move faster in their careers take the initiative to engage with their managers, colleagues, and mentors, sharing what they’re interested in doing, learning, and ultimately achieving as a personal career goal. They look beyond their day-to-day role and think strategically about how their efforts can most help the organization grow and thrive, and at the same time, advance their career potential.
  3. Be a Good Partner – No one works alone these days. Collaboration is king. When you make a commitment to deliver on your work, deliver. When you realize the task is going to take more time than you thought (which will happen), communicate to your team members with enough time so that adjustments can be made to minimize the project impact. And remember, it’s not always about the task. Take the time to get to know the people on your team, as well as your clients, and let them know you. And always treat people with respect.