EMI is proud to highlight a very special young man. Dylan Latham is the son of EMI Project Analyst Tracy Latham and a member of the Special Olympics Basketball team for the State of Maryland.

When Dylan was just 6 years old, he told his mom, “I’m going to be an Olympian one day!” His mom made sure he knew he could be anything he wanted to be. It is a message she continues to instill in him. Dylan is now 21 years old and preparing to live out his lifelong dream of being an Olympic athlete. He never gave up.

Dylan LathamFor the past 15 years, he has been an active participant with the Maryland Special Olympics team. This month, on June 3rd, Dylan will be heading to Orlando with all the athletes from Maryland. He’ll be competing with his basketball team of 10 Special Olympic players. There will be very strict COVID protocols, and although his mom, dad, and younger brother will be there for the Opening Ceremony on June 5th, they won’t be able to hug him and celebrate this milestone until the evening of June 9th.

Getting to this event has been a challenging one for Dylan, but he had a mission – to be an Olympian! Born with an extremely rare disability called Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome, Dylan suffers from both intellectual and physical challenges, along with paralysis on his left side. All of these result from having had many seizures and strokes, some while in utero. He also had several surgeries to remove tumors, that thankfully were all benign. We’re inspired by the drive and determination this young man exhibits for all of us. Yes, there are challenges, but these aren’t experienced as barriers to success, but just another opportunity to build character and strength.

Even since childhood Dylan has been OBSESSED with sports, doesn’t matter if the game is played at the High School level or by professional athletes; he follows them all. He loves sneakers, spending time with his younger brother D.B., cheering for the University of Maryland, and is always excited to watch the Golden State Warriors. His mother describes Dylan as someone who “loves everyone and knows no hate.”

St. Marys Basketball TeamJoin me and everyone on our EMI Team in wishing Dylan all the best at the USA Games. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this young man – we have it from a good source that he has his eye on the World Games to be played in 2026!

If you’d like to learn more about the Special Olympics, click here. EMI is proud to support Dylan, and the Special Olympics with a donation, and if you are so moved, it’s easy to join us, click here. Go Dylan and St. Mary’s Basketball Team!!