The pandemic created new staffing opportunities for us and we further capitalized on virtual work by hiring geographically dispersed staff members. This means we can’t just simply return to ‘the way things were.’ Not only would that exclude our employees who are in different cities, but it also messes with how we have integrated work and life in new ways.


We know what’s working. We want to keep our virtual meetings that allow for connection and relationship, embrace video (except for Fridays) and leverage tools such as Basecamp to collaborate. At the moment, based on what we’re learning from the CDC and our clients, EMI plans to have all staff members available to travel to physically meet in one location early in FY22 as well as be responsive to our clients’ location requests.


The nextnew normal’ will require that we lean into new ways of working together. As we shift where and how we work, one thing remains the same: we bring our Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources expertise to the table, and we remain steadfastly committed to working with our clients to create value.


Let us help create your new normal. View our Capabilities Statement for more information.