EMI Coaching

For over 20 years, EMI has been successfully providing one-on-one and small group coaching programs resulting in improved team and organizational effectiveness, engagement, and performance. EMI’s Individual Leadership Coaching and Group/Team Coaching delivers unmatchable results by resolving organizational challenges that hinge on individual and team challenges.

Confidentiality and respect of individual choices are a hallmark of every EMI coaching engagement.

What is a Coach?

F. Hudson, one of America’s leading authorities on coaching, defined a coach as a “trusted role model…a person who works with emerging human and organizational forces to tap new energy and purpose, to shape new visions and plans, and to generate desired results. A coach is someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment and confidence.”

“EMI’s OD and Coaching skills are equally superior. Through highly effective assessments they are able to gather and analyze workplace situations in a way that has allowed healing of heavily conflicted offices, strengthened the organizational culture and improved leadership capabilities.”

C. Houk, CEO
chiResolutions, LLC

EMI Coaching Model

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Coaching Model
  • Clarity – Powerful questions, active listening, self-awareness tools and reflection, feedback
  • SMART Goal – Performance behaviors to be acquired and/or modified
  • Plan of Action – Structure, accountability, challenge, schedule
  • Coaching and Feedback – Build knowledge, practice, make adjustments
  • Reinforcement – Observation, feedback, adjustments
  • Celebration – Achievement, acknowledgement

We have a robust roster of highly experienced and talented coaches across the nation. They bring extensive coaching experience and diverse backgrounds from both the government and private sector, as well as an enormous variety of individual assessment instruments to aid in clarifying key areas for growth. Most EMI coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or another strong certifying body. All EMI coaches have a diverse mix of business, education and coaching experiences. However, they all utilize the same coaching framework, share strong philosophies and values, and are engaged in EMI team events.

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