Transitioning Employees

One thing employers and employees alike can agree on is change is here to stay. EMI offers exceptional support to organizations in transition. EMI has been assisting organizations with personalized career transition/outplacement services for over 20 years. 

EMI offers a variety of options to assist the leadership team with a customized program for addressing re-structuring issues. These include:

  • Develop a balanced downsizing strategy – addressing those leaving, staying and the community in which they work, along with review and update of current HR policies and procedures focused on separation and benefits
  • Management training to prepare managers for communicating to, and motivating workers during times of significant change
  • Employee training to prepare employees for the changes ahead, focused on organizational change and managing personal change
  • Assistance with communication to stakeholder communities

Savvy executives, human resource managers and employment attorneys recognize the importance of providing employees with career transition assistance when anticipating the consequences of downsizing, layoffs, restructurings and mergers brought on by a variety of change drivers – globalization, technology advancements, and economic shifts.

Rationale for investment in departing employees may include:

  • Impacted employees need assistance in learning or refreshing job search skills
  • Remaining employees are emotionally influenced by the manner in which friends and co-workers are treated and “let go”
  • Morale and productivity are negatively impacted if employees do not perceive management is demonstrating fair and equitable care
  • The community judges the firm and its products and services by the manner in which it cares for and treats all its employees – those staying, as well as those leaving
  • The faster an employee is re-employed, the faster the risk of lawsuits is diminished
  • Fewer occurrences of violence as a result of addressing stress, anger and hopelessness

EMI offers customized career transition training for exiting employees, working within the budget constraints of each client. Options could include:

  • Facilitation of comprehensive career transition workshops – 1- and 2-day agendas, offered nationwide, including all materials
  • Follow-up phone coaching support
  • Resume writing and review
  • One-on-one coaching and support, usually 1- to 2-days for executives

Our workshop size is usually limited to 6 participants. This allows for personalized, one-on-one attention to each attendee with the development of a professional resume, creation and practice of a 30-second commercial, practice of networking and interview scenarios, and design of personalized job search strategies.

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Organizations often find it helpful to offer exiting employees a unique severance benefit that will have a positive impact on their re-employment process— a copy of EMI’s comprehensive self-paced job search workbook, I Want That Job!  This book provides a wealth of guidance along with exercises to navigate personal change; prepare resumes, cover letters, and references; and develop techniques for networking, interviewing and negotiating a job offer.

Debbie King, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and President of EMI, has additionally authored many articles on related topics and has published a corporate fable entitled, Learning to Live With Downsizing, which explores the topic of downsizing from the perspective of those leaving as well as those remaining in an organization filled with change.

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EMI is the preferred career transition firm of progressive employers. What differentiates EMI from other outplacement firms is that our services are provided by experienced, compassionate HR professionals with backgrounds in recruiting and hiring. They are not “stand-up” trainers, reading slides and formatting resumes as an exercise.

Contact us to discuss your specific situation and how we can help develop and support your change strategies as you move forward.