Reading this book feels like a safe place with a compassionate friend, where they make the first step by admitting their biases and “-isms.” They share their personal stories of how they became more self-aware about their biases and began to work to overcome them. This really helps the reader to confront their own thinking by helping you feel less alone.

This book outlines 10 activities to help you uncover your subconscious thoughts, and learn to become less reactive to them. As the authors say, “This is a book you use. You don’t just read it.”

For example, the first activity starts with stereotypes most people hold against various job titles (e.g., what is the first word or phrase you think of when you see “used car salesman” or “politician?”). From here, it becomes clearer how these stereotypes and negative thoughts can lead to bias if you believe them or leave them unchallenged.

Moving through the activities takes us from the relatively safer ground of dealing with stereotypes about job titles and into the emotionally charged areas of racism and gender. The authors’ personal journeys offer comfort and company as you work through the 10 activities.

By focusing on our natural desire to build authentic relationships, the authors motivate us to do the challenging work of seeing how our biases can harm others and our relationships with them. The authors believe, as we at EMI do, that when we begin to see how our autopilot behaviors harm others, we want to change. With this book, we have a way to start learning how to do that.


This Book of the Quarter was written by Hester Darcy, the Director of Organization Development and Training for Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI). You can purchase Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences here: To learn more about Hester, check out our team page:

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