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Debbie King – EMI CEO/Founder


Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI) was founded in 1994 and let us tell you, an organization doesn’t survive a quarter century without being able to anticipate and adapt to future business trends. At BIZNext, Evolution Management, Inc. intends to ready readers for the next wave of business trends and changes by offering readers our tips, techniques, and recommendations for adapting to the myriad of transition and business transformation opportunities coming their way.

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Career GPS

Evolution Management, Inc. created Career GPS to share ideas and resources that are relevant to career management. Our passion is the result of our decades of combined experience in the fields of HR, OD, and executive and career coaching. We welcome you not only to view our content, but to interact with us on our various social media pages. Our hope is that the resources and ideas we offer at Career GPS and EMI’s website will have a meaningful impact on your professional development. Thanks for following and sharing our blogs, as appropriate.

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