EMI consultants and coaches utilize a broad variety of assessments in our work with organizations, teams, and individuals. Typical assessments focus on how people process information and make decisions, addressing thinking styles, communication styles and personality preferences.

Human Resource Management strategies are greatly enhanced through the use of appropriate assessments. Prepared with the right assessment data, leaders can better strategize solutions for addressing organizational and people related challenges. Individual assessments can provide professionals with insight to help them improve their awareness of self, increase emotional intelligence, improve management and leadership skills, and create a career development strategy.

Several assessments offered by EMI include those listed below. Each is available for purchase with two hours of executive coaching, provided by phone. EMI’s approach to combining coaching with an assessment is based on a very important and strong best practice of our profession. It is essential that individuals receiving assessment feedback have access to a trained practitioner who can guide understanding of the results, ask provocative questions relative to insights about the feedback, and assist with the development of action steps to be taken to build off the feedback and self-discovery process.

EMI offers a wide variety of assessments for individuals, teams and organizations.

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Selected Assessments

EMI Assessments and Coaching are available for purchase online. However, a consultation is required prior to purchase in order to ensure we are able to meet your expectations and provide the appropriate assessment or coaching program. Please Contact Us for more information.

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